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How To Use a Flynova Pro

Have you seen a sparkling LED light ball flying around the streets surrounded by a bunch of kids? We have brought you something special! You might have thought, what is this thing? Is it a boomerang, A ball, Or an Rc flying gadget? Dozens of questions must have popped up in your mind.

It’s the Flynova pro! 

Wait, Flynova? Isn’t it sound familiar? Yes, because some years ago, Flynova made its way into the toy market however, the fame wasn’t quite prominent. However, the Flynova Pro has changed the winds! It has won the hearts of kids, teenagers, and adults. Everyone wants to own it or play with it, even for once! And why not? It has that appealing feel that makes everyone want to have it! Let's dive deeper into this gadget’s world and learn the details.

What is Flynova Pro?

Flynova pro is generally described as a boomerang with dozens of tricks. It is shaped in a round ball-like structure–however, the walls of this ball are made from thin plastic struts in the shape of a net. It can swing, bounce, hover, glide, pass, and do many other tricks. It weighs only 26.4 g–kids of any age can play with this toy. Moreover, it has easy charging with micro-USB input and is easy to turn on and off don’t forget the attractive and dazzling LED strip lights! 

What’s Inside the Flynova Pro?

Flynova Pro might look like just another glowing ball, but it’s full of technology and innovation. It’s designed in a safe, fun, and protective design that ensures that kids of all ages can play with it safely without having the thought of safety concerns. 

The Flynova Pro layering can be defined as;

  1. The protective net case
  2. Motherboard (flying algorithm)
  3. LED lights
  4. Lithium battery 
  5. Special configuration propeller 
  6. The protective net case

Or vice versa!

The design has been put into vigorous testing to catch any faults. However, there weren’t any!

Easy Guide to Use Flynova Pro

There are alot of ways to use and play with the advanced Flynova Flying Spinner. But first, turn it on by the button on the top. The button may be hard to reach because it's fixed inside the net of the protective layer. Then shake it to on it, and it's ACTION TIME!

You can do several tricks with this spinner Flynova pro. The following are some common tricks explained. 

Turning on the LED Lights

When you switch on the button, the LED lights will be visible. Moreover, shake it, and the wind blades present in the body of the spinner will start to rotate. Do the same shake and switch the button to turn off the wind blades and LED lights.


For the boomerang action, hold the device (horizontal and vertical to the ground) in your hand, tilt it upwards 15° to 45° and throw it in the direction you want (it’s similar to the cricket balling action). The FlyNova Pro will fly in the direction you sent and come back to you like a boomerang. The speed of Flynova will depend on your force and tilt angle of throwing. The greater the tilt and force, the more sleepy your boomerang will fly.


If you want your Flynove to fly like a magical ball, hold your FlyNova pro in one of your hands (horizontal and vertical to the ground). Leave the ball, and place your hand/palm on the bottom of the ball (1cm-5cm). Move your hands slowly, and the ball will levitate with the movements of your hand. 

Magic Wand Magnetic Levitation 

You can do several eye-catching tricks with the magic wand of the Flynova pro. The wand can make the ball light up the dark with three different coloured lights and change its direction. Start by swinging the wand once against Flynova pro, and the light colours will change. Moreover, if you swing again, It’ll continue to fly in an upward direction and change its LED colourful lights simultaneously. 

Where to Buy the Best Flynova Pro in the UK?

You can easily buy the Flynova Pro in the UK toy stores. With the rise in the popularity of this boomerang ball, all the sellers and retailers have it in their stock. If you want to buy the best one with maximum durability, reliability, and usability, head straight to iBuyGreat, the best online toy shop, and get the best one at the most affordable price. 

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