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Police Racing Remote Control Car
This toy is the best for racing enthusiasts; kids become fond of cars and trucks from an early age. Well, children are not in the wrong here; race cars tend to impress everyone who sets their eyes on them. Indeed,...
£26.99 £17.99
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Remote Control Advanced Speed Night Racer Car
Remote control cars are taking over the toy market as they are coming with great innovations and designs. Remote Control Advanced Speed Night Racer Car is one of the new RC cars that are here to win the hearts of...
£13.99 £7.99
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Remote Control Racings Model Car
The racing model car is a remote-control vehicle which looks breathtaking due to its amazing design and vibrant colours. It is a 1:12 scale model car and is ideal for 6+ kids, as children of that age are especially fond...
£41.25 £22.99
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Remote Control Full Speed Sprint Car
Remote Control Full Speed Sprint Car is a full-function car with high speed, attractive design, fine-tuned remote control directions, dazzling lights, 1:16 scale, and eye-catching colours. This toy is a perfect gift for kids. Your little ones will be amazed...
£16.99 £10.99
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Graffiti Remote Control Doodle Car
Graffiti art is the new black! Everyone loves it, especially kids. They love to see streets filled with Graffiti art. Remote Control Doodle Graffiti Car will become their new favourite car at one sight. It contains LED lights, fine-tuning, and...
£13.99 £8.99
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RC Die-Cast Spray Racing Car
£87.99 £39.99
RC Die-Cast Spray Racing Car
R/C Die-Cast Spray Racing Car is one of a kind. It has amazing functions such as a spray function, simulated sounds, big wheel power, and strong motor function. It is made from an anti-toxic material that is kids friendly and...
£87.99 £39.99
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Remote Control Bonzer Car 1:16 Scale Model
Remote Control Bonzer Car 1:16 Scale Model is a ravishing car that comes with a remote control, battery, and charger. Its door can be opened and closed. This stunning toy car will help your kid enhance spatial awareness and increases...
£24.99 £13.99
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Compete Remote Control Graffiti Style Race Car
If you are looking for something unique for your 8+ child, why not get them Compete Remote Control Graffiti Style Race Car? This grandiose car gives your child an exceptional experience. It is a remote control car, meaning your child...
£23.99 £12.99
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Ceast King Remote Control Car
Kids' obsession with cars will never end. Ceast King Remote Contol Car is designed for children above age 3. The car is controlled by a remote and functions forward, backward, left, and right. Your child will love this classy car...
£16.99 £12.99
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Remote Control Police Car - High Speed , Scissor Doors, Scale 1:14
For all the little cops out there, we bring you the most astounding Police Top Remote Control Car. The car features alluring lights and astonishing doors. With its high-power functionality and all-rounding performance, the car will surely give your 6+...
£35.99 £23.99
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Remote Control Drophead Coupe - Scissor Doors, Open-Head, Scale 1:14
Lamborghini remote control car is an eccentric toy car created for children above the age of 8. The design of the car is gorgeous. It is made of high-quality, durable material. The remote control car will help improve your child’s...
£21.99 £15.99
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Cute Style Cartoon R/C Car
£12.99 £9.99
Cute Style Cartoon R/C Car
Cute Style Cartoon R/C Car is the cutest toy you can find in the car toy collection. It has a lovely smile and puppy eyes on the car's front face. The car is followed by remote control with a light...
£12.99 £9.99

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Remote Control Race Cars

The remote-controlled race car is one of the UK's most popular and in-demand toys for kids. These race cars are a popular hobby enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages. Starting from kids aged 3 to age 5 and 8, and even teenagers love having the best remote control car for kids around.

Whether you are a seasoned racer or just starting, remote control cars offer a thrilling experience that combines speed, precision, and skill. iBuyGreat has an explicit variety of remote control race cars available for your kids. Let’s see what iBuyGreat, the best toy shop, offers!

The Best Remote Control Race Cars In The UK:

Remote control race cars are mini toy vehicles controlled by a frequency remote control. These cars are typically powered by battery or electric motors and come in various sizes and styles. RC race cars can be used for indoor and outdoor racing games.

Our Best Remote Control Cars For Kids:

At iBuyGreat, there are several remote control race cars to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some of the best remote control cars include Police Racing Remote Control Car, Graffiti Remote Control Doodle Car, Ceast King Remote Control Car, and Remote Control Police Car - High Speed, Scissor Doors, Scale 1:14.

How iBuyGreat’s Best Remote Control Car For Kids Differs From Others:

iBuyGreat ensures that what we deliver to you is made from high-quality, durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material to ensure 100% safety for kids. So that kids never get hurt by playing with our toy products. These cars have more powerful motors with increased speed and acceleration than other basic ones.

Also, other advancements and modified versions of RC cars are available such as remote control monster trucks or stunt cars. You can also check out these if your kid wants more thrill and action in their playtime. The remote control monster truck toys have immense wheel power that can run through any surface easily, such as muddy, climby, slippery, rocky, etc. 

Perks Of Buying From Us:

iBuyGreat welcomes you to our reputable toy retail company! Let’s dive into all the perks you’ll be facing when buying from us.

  • Firstly, we provide you with quality products that are both safe and enjoyable for your children.
  • Our customer service team is available to speak with you during our available hours. Whether you have a question about a product or an issue with your purchase, we're here to help.
  • We offer three delivery options, each with varying delivery times. Our DPD service guarantees next day delivery if you place your order before 2 pm on a working day. The Royal Mail 24 service guarantees delivery within 1 to 2 working days, while the Royal Mail 48 service guarantees delivery within 2 to 3 working days.
  • If you receive a product that is damaged, faulty, or incorrect, we'll issue you 100% cashback on your order. We want you to have complete peace of mind when shopping with us.

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